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A new car rental center in Geneva

JK-LUXURY-CARS was born from two car enthusiasts. Since very young they have been passionate about vehicles. The objective is to be able to share our passion for luxury cars with other car enthusiasts.
Providing our customers with exactly what they want and when they want it are the core values that have made JK-LUXURY-CARS possible. We have a large fleet of luxury rental cars and each vehicle has been maintained and serviced by experts to ensure an exceptional and unparalleled experience. All of the luxury rental cars in our fleet are in perfect condition and we have a car to meet every possible need and request.
We provide the best supercars available on the market, from Ferrari Luxury Hire Car, Lamborghini and BMW Luxury Hire Car, and we are sure that you can’t find a more stable and complete newer and more complete rental car anywhere else.


We do not rent the vehicles, which allows us to make sure that each car is perfectly maintained before your rental and to deliver the vehicles to you in record time. All of our luxury rental cars are available at competitive rates and are suitable for all purposes, including chauffeur driven rentals, music videos, long term rentals, television and movies, weddings, promotions and special events .

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